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ultra light table cloud white


ポリプロピレン製のウルトラライトテーブル クラウドホワイトカラーです







FR-APMaerogel pot matFR-APMはFR-ULTの天板に置いてご使用ください





ultra light table


Ultra light table made of polypropylene.

By tightening a single polypropylene plate with original 1.5mm thick Dyneema core guylines, it becomes an ultra-light table weighing only 45g.

By using the included aerogel pot mat, you can place heated cookware or cups containing hot drinks.


FR-APMaerogel pot mat


Please use FR-APM by placing it on the top plate of FR-ULT.

FR-APM reduces the transfer of heat from heated cookware or cups containing hot drinks to the top plate.

There may be traces of the container left on the surface of the mat.

And because it uses Dyneema core reflective guy lines, it reflects in the dark.


CAUTION ! Cannot be used on items that maintain high heat for long periods of time, such as alcohol stoves, cast metals such as iron plates and skillets, and clay pots.


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FR-ULT-cw / ultra light table cloud white/ FR-ウルトラライトテーブルクラウドホワイト

  • FR-ULT-cw
    ultra light table

    material : polypropylene
                     Dyneema core reflective guy line 1.5mm
    weight : 45g
    size : 21 x 29 x 7cm
    weight capacity : 4kg
    color : cloud white

    aerogel pot mat

    material : aerogel EVA form
    weight : 3g
    size : 16 x 12cm

    made in Japan


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